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About Us

Municipal Watch is a grassroots watchdog organization, fighting to ensure that your municipal tax dollars are spent responsibly and respectfully.

Municipal government officials must be held to account, ensuring that people are at the centre of all decisions and expenditures.

Our Goal

Our goal is to advance policy objectives to build a coalition of Canadians who support making our municipal governments more efficient and effective. We believe that by making government more accountable, they will better represent the needs and values of Canadians.

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Our Work

We highlight municipal issues that affect the lives of Canadians, with a goal to persuade municipal government officials to stay focused on making decisions that improve the quality of life of the people they serve.

We are FOR:

  • · prioritizing affordability at the municipal level of government
  • · less government overreach into our lives
  • · holding municipal government officials to account


  • · wasteful spending of our tax dollars
  • · policies that will raise costs on the average family
  • · political posturing and virtue-signalling
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