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New watchdog organization aims to eliminate ‘municipal madness’ across Ontario & Canada

THE POINTER | FEB 14, 2023

Municipal Watch, launched in January, hopes to become an official opposition to local mayors and councillors who abuse their positions.

Why Canada needs a new watchdog focused on the municipal level

TNC | FEB 7, 2023

While Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre and Prime Minister Trudeau battle it out in the House of Commons, Canada’s cities and towns are quietly and stealthily taxing more, regulating more, and spending more taxpayer dollars – without facing the scrutiny their decisions deserve.

News Release - New Group Aims to Make City and Town Governments More Accountable

NEWS | JANUARY 30, 2023

Starting today, Canadians will have a new way to hold politicians accountable between elections. Municipal Watch is a grassroots watchdog organization that will fight back against wasteful or bad policies that only cost more and reduce quality of life...